Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence is Fat!

Ya'll know what I mean when I refer to Google autofill/auto complete, right? I have no idea if that is the correct name for it but its the only thing popping up in my head right now. If you don't, it is the feature on Google that finishes your thoughts. It will create suggestions for searches you might have as you are typing. I'm pretty sure the suggestions are based off of popular searches, so it can give you a little insight into what the general public is Googling!
Last night, I Googled "Jennifer Lawrence" because I saw the trailer for her new movie, The Silver Linings Playbook. The trailer sucks because it doesn't give you any sort of idea what the movie is actually about, but it caught my attention because of her. I think she is absolutely gorgeous in a non-traditional way that only makes her even MORE beautiful! I was so pleasantly surprised that she was the leading lady in The Hunger Games. She has a round face, a curvy body, and isn't a size zero...very atypical these days in Hollywood! According to what I read online, she is 5'7" and 137 lbs. That is the same height as me, and two pounds lighter than what I weighed during my freshman year in college. It's not far off from my current goal weight, in fact.

I typed in "Jennifer Lawrence is" and the first suggestion was "Jennifer Lawrence is fat." The second is "Jennifer Lawrence is ugly." I can't tell you how angry that made me! What is wrong with popular culture these days that in order to "beautiful", you have to have a surgically rearranged face and starve yourself to "perfection"? Its frustrating because body issues, body dysmorphic disorder, and the unrealistic expectations of the entertainment industry have been discussed for years! So why are we still dealing with these issues when it's almost 2013?

Seventeen magazine made a pledge not to Photoshop their models....but come on! The models they are hiring don't need Photoshop anyways...they need Taco Bell! Dove has it's "Real Beauty" campaign, which is amazing...but how come it hasn't caught on? Why am I still being bombarded by tanorexic women in every outlet of the media? It frustrates me but it also motivates me! I've known I wanted to be in advertising since I was in the eighth grade. The whole reason I got interested in the industry was because I want to change standards and create a more broad definition of beauty. I've been feeling a lack of motivation in school lately and that Google suggestion just reminded me of why I'm going to school in the first place! Funny how something so small can put things into perspective.


  1. I hate that! I always make sure to type in what I'm trying to Google super super fast so that I don't get any of that suggested crap.

    Jennifer Lawrence is HOT! HOT HOT HOT.