Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flat Iron + Makeup = Friends

I've had a really hard time making friends as an adult. I've lived in Houston for over a year now and haven't made a single friend! As a woman, that's really depressing! I miss having a best friend who I can talk to about anything, go shopping with, try new restaurants with, etc. When Magic Mike came to theaters, I fully realized how badly I need/want a female friend. The only person I know here is my boyfriend! Although he is my best friend and loves me dearly, there is no way in hell he would pay $8.00 (or anything for that matter) to watch me and other women drool over Channing Tatum.

It got me thinking...why haven't I been able to meet friends here? It's not for a lack of trying. I've started convos with classmates only to receive a look as if they were thinking "why is this chick talking to me?" I joined a church group for college aged kids, and I just didn't "click" with anybody. Maybe I am too picky? I seriously try not to be. I'm willing to hang out with anybody who is nice and personable. I jut rarely run into anyone that is since I don't have a lot of outlets for meeting people; just my school (which is a commuter school), work (which is AT my school), or my church (which is huge).

I'm starting to think that my lack of friends is because of my image. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, my hair is always up in a pony tail, and I wear the bare minimum amount of makeup. Maybe this is my negative self image speaking, but I think a lot of women would rather be friends with "pretty girls". It may sound stupid, but I really think it is true! My theory was sort of proven last weekend when I came to work with my hair and makeup done. As soon as I stepped in the office, everyone noticed and made a big deal about it. There's nothing really atypical about that considering they've probably only seen me with my hair done a handful of times. However, I started to notice that I was being treated differently by the women in the office as well.

Two of the girls in the office were at the front, separated from the rest of the workers. I would consider them to be the popular girls of the office. They are well liked and get a lot of attention from the guys who walk past the window. They are always nice to me, but on Saturday...they were especially nice. They asked me to come up to the front and sit with them. This is going to sound stupid, but that's sort of equivalent to being asked to sit with the Plastic's (Mean Girls) at lunch. Total exaggeration (lmao) and that sounds ridiculous, but I don't really know how to get my point across without making a juvenile association like that. I have to assume that it was because I looked pretty that day, but hey....correlation is not necessarily causation.

I am going to try to put more of an effort into my looks, but not to find friends. I honestly don't want to be friends with somebody who only wants to be around me because I dress nice and look pretty. I just want to look good for my boyfriend. Well, sort of for myself. When we first started dating, I was skinny, always did my hair, and felt gorgeous. Three years later, we live together and I always look frumpy. I want to feel "sexy" again and get stared at by men when we go out like I used to! My boyfriend thinks I am beautiful, which is validation enough, but getting hit on or stared at just makes you feel good about yourself sometimes. Ya know?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I feel like I've been in a whirlwind since school started last week. I went from having tons of free time to hardly having enough time to get an adequate amount of sleep! I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (in addition to two online classes) and I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. I didn't expect or want to work this much during the school year but this is our busiest time of year and I am very much so needed.

Hopefully the following weeks will be a little less crazy than this one was. I unknowingly signed up for an 8-week course and the first four chapters, discussion board response, a four page analysis and summary paper, and an exam were all due by Thursday afternoon. I didn't even receive my textbook in the mail until Wednesday when I got home from work! I tried to ask my professor for an extension, but she simply said I should've ordered my textbook sooner...which I would have had I known it was an 8-week course! But whatever, I worked my ass off and got everything done.

I got a bit of a break on Friday after work. My boyfriend and I went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and had a cupcake for dessert at Sprinkles! (Calories, ugh) Afterwards, we unsuccessfully tried to find me some khaki's for my game day uniform. I tried again the next morning before work. I don't know why its so hard to find a damn pair of khaki's in the Fall! I had the same problem last year. I finally had to settle for a pair that fit horribly wrong at Old Navy. I ran home, showered, and got to work at noon. By the way, I look like a total douche in my game day uniform! We have to wear a red polo and khaki pants. It's embarassing. Nine hours later, I clocked out and made my way home.

Sunday was an overall good day. I was so exhausted from the week that I slept too late to make it to church on time. I ended up streaming the service on my computer (gotta love technology). Afterwards, J and I ran some errands and got lunch. Then we went to Sugar Land with our dog Jelly so she could try out a dog park with a lake! It was a very cute dog park called Pawm Springs Bark Park! Pictures are below.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!